The Good Stuff (7/19/19)

Is Self-Care Wrong for Christian Moms?- Most mothers are basically superheroes who labor night and day to care for their family. The only problem is that they're actually not superheroes. They are finite beings who need rest. I highly recommend this one for the moms who are daily laying down their life for their family. … Continue reading The Good Stuff (7/19/19)

The Good Stuff (7/5/19)

16 Leadership Lessons I Learned the Hard Way- This article was actually published at the end of last week, but I thought Charles Smith, who is the Vice President of Institutional Relations at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, had a lot of helpful insights on leadership. An $8.2 Million Judgment, Over $8.2 Million in Royalties Given … Continue reading The Good Stuff (7/5/19)

A New Opportunity

Lord, use us to take the gospel to the nations or use us to send many in our place. This is the prayer that Margaret and I started praying before we were married. We have both been scarred by the realization that there are billions in the world who have never even heard of Jesus. Those … Continue reading A New Opportunity