Don’t Use “Calling” to Avoid ServingKevin Yi writes, “While there are certainly legitimate reasons to say no to a request to serve a certain group, using ‘calling’ as an excuse can be dangerous.”

To Lobola or Not to LobolaThe practice of lobola is when a potential son-in-law gives the future bride’s family a gift, whether it’s an animal, money, or something else. The practice is most common in Africa, and Christians disagree on how the gospel affects the practice. I love this article from an African Christian, as it gives us a glimpse of how the gospel comes to bear on other cultures.

Seven School-Year Rhythms to Establish Your Family in the LordThe school year is kicking off, and parents are already wondering how to disciple their kids in Christ amidst the craziness of life. Jen Oshman gives some helpful suggestions if you’re feeling that tension. If doing all seven feels unrealistic for you, start small and pick two.

The Heart of the Gospel: Penal Substitutionary AtonementIf you are a church leader or just interested in theology, the 9Marks journals are a great resource. The latest issue tackles the importance of penal substitutionary atonement.

Longer Read: Prozac and the Promises of God: The Christian Use of Psychoactive MedicationThe use of medications to treat issues like depression and anxiety can quickly become heated in Christian circles. This article is a helpful, balanced approach that is also thoroughly biblical.

This Week’s Post: How to Thrive in SeminaryAs the new academic year gets going, I give new seminary and Bible college students a handful of tips to help them flourish throughout their theological studies.