What If the Worst Comes to Pass? Developing a What If Theology– “The Christian disarms the what ifs when she carries them out to completion in her imagination because she finds she has an answer. She finds that she would actually be okay. That she would actually make it. That she would be devastated, yes, but not beyond the reach of her God.”

Undergrads, Hang on to Your Prejudices—Some of Them, Anyway– Often, we view prejudices as inherently evil. Matthew Franck wants to reconsider that notion. He writes, “Acquiring an education is learning to discriminate the good prejudices one carries about from the bad ones—to keep the former, as confirmed by knowledge, and discard the latter, as condemned by knowledge.”

Long Read: How Pornography Makes Us Less Human and Less Humane– Matthew Lee Anderson gives an excellent and sobering look at pornography’s damaging effect on a person and culture.

Russell Moore on Reading Fiction:

This Week’s Post: On Well-Fed Birds and Pretty Flowers– We all deal with varying degrees of anxiety and worry. Thankfully, Jesus addresses the concerns of his people. This week’s article is a reflection on Matthew 6 and how I should respond to anxiety.