The Offensively Ordinary Steps to Godliness“The pursuit of holiness, then, is both easier and harder than many of us imagine: Easier because our growth in grace often happens gradually, one small step at a time. Harder because sanctification has now invaded all of life. Holiness is hidden in offensively ordinary tasks, and those tasks are all around us.” Take up and read!

The Tales of Our Time: An Examination of Storytelling in ChristianityChristian writing, particularly fiction, is notorious for cheesiness and mediocrity. Reflecting on the craft of writing, Jada Ford writes, “We shouldn’t scrap the Christian fiction genre, but a Christian writer should develop his or her craft so that a story is created so beautifully that it rivals the hopeless fiction that runs in abundance today.”

Wal-Mart Churches and the Need for CommunityMegachurches and satellite campuses are a common product of American evangelicalism. But as Levi Second points out, this approach has some serious drawbacks and is far too often just an imitation of a secular business mindset. In this article, he argues for a return to smaller, more locally-minded congregations.

Longer Read: Everything Andrew Luck Was, Is, and Will BeSports stars are often consumed by their sport to the point where they give up everything just to keep going. Andrew Luck is not like that. This Sports Illustrated paints him as a humble, wildly curious guy who wouldn’t be defined by football.