The Three Words that Changed Missions Strategy—and Why We Might Be WrongDarren Carlson and Elliot Clark, who both work for Training Leaders International, address how our view of people groups affects our missions strategy. This is a good read, especially if you have read a lot about “finishing the task” of the Great Commission.

Why Biblical Training for Women Around the World MattersThere has been an increased awareness about the need for pastoral training around the world. But my co-worker, Rachel Ware, warns us against overlooking the need to train females for gospel ministry.

Encouragement for Families Wanting to Start Family WorshipDon Whitney gives helpful advice for families who are unsure about starting family worship. If you don’t read and pray with your family, I encourage you to watch this five-minute video and give it a shot.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year ExhibitionTalented wildlife photographers have the ability to capture the wonder of God’s creation. Take a couple of minutes to look through these photos and praise the Lord for his brilliant work.

IslandiaSpeaking of brilliant creation, here’s a beautiful two-minute film that was shot in Iceland.

Today’s Post: Are You Hearing or Understanding?Have you ever heard someone speak, but you didn’t really listen to them because you were already thinking about what you were going to say next? That’s increasingly common in our culture. As Christians, we must seek to listen and understand before we speak.