A People of the Book

Lloyd Jones- Sermon on the MountHere are a couple of great quotes from Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ classic Studies in the Sermon on the Mount:

There is nothing more important in the Christian life than the way in which we approach the Bible, and the way in which we read it. It is our textbook, it is our only source, it is our only authority. We know nothing about God and about the Christian life in a true sense apart from the Bible. We can draw various deductions from nature (and possibly from various mystical experiences) by which we can arrive at a belief in a supreme Creator. But I think it is agreed by most Christians, and it has been traditional throughout the long history of the Church, that we have no authority save this Book. We cannot rely solely upon subjective experiences. Here, in the Bible, is our sole authority.

Whether you scan the religion section of your local bookstore or listen to the modern religious guru, you’re likely to hear that you can know God apart from the Bible. But the Scriptures are not one of the many ways to gain intimacy with the Lord. They are the means by which we know Christ, the true Word of God. Christians come to the Bible as those dying in the desert come to water, knowing that it is the only hope of life. God has decided to reveal Himself and His will for your life in the Bible, not in the stars or in the inner recesses of your heart. As we celebrate the coming of Jesus this Christmas, seek Him in the Scriptures, the words inspired by our heavenly Father.

Here’s another quote on the potential dangers of daily Bible reading:

It is possible for us to read the Bible in such a mechanical manner that we derive no benefit from doing so. That is why I think we have to be careful with every kind of rule and regulation in the matter of discipline in the spiritual life. It is a good thing to read the Bible daily, but it can be quite profitless if we merely do so for the sake of being able to say that we read the Bible daily. I am a great advocate of schemes of Bible reading, but we have to be careful that in our use of such schemes we are not content just to read the portion for the day and then to rush off without thought and meditation.

May the Lord give us an insatiable hunger for His Word, a hunger that doesn’t stop at the mere ritual of reading the Scriptures, but a steady determination to see, know, and commune with the triune God who is revealed in the Bible.

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