6 Tips for Cultivating Little Readers

Parents want their kids to read more. That seems to be one of those universal statements that holds firm each year. While I offer no bulletproof plan to creating readers in your home, I wanted to share some of the tips that have helped us cultivate a practice (and dare I say, a love) of … Continue reading 6 Tips for Cultivating Little Readers

Reading Plans for 2015

Bible reading plans can be a helpful tool if you're looking for structure in your personal Bible study. Some years I use one to guide my reading and other times I just read through the books of my own choice. Right now, for instance, I'm reading repeatedly through Ephesians to get a better grasp of … Continue reading Reading Plans for 2015

A People of the Book

Here are a couple of great quotes from Martyn Lloyd-Jones' classic Studies in the Sermon on the Mount: There is nothing more important in the Christian life than the way in which we approach the Bible, and the way in which we read it. It is our textbook, it is our only source, it is our … Continue reading A People of the Book

Lessons from the Library

Don't be surprised if, one day, you find me wandering through a library. I enjoy almost everything about libraries—the smell of books, the idea of discovering old treasures that have been lost for decades, and the ability to get lost in the labyrinth of shelves that reach to the ceiling. Truth be told, I'll just … Continue reading Lessons from the Library

A Mandatory Resolution for 2012

The Lord has placed several dear brothers in my life, and it's my pleasure to let them write a post whenever they so desire.  Today, you'll be hearing a word from Wade Williams, a former high school rival of mine turned close friend whom God has used to encourage and convict me in my faith. … Continue reading A Mandatory Resolution for 2012

Tips for the Wannabe Reader

In an earlier post, I gave you reasons why you should read theology books.  But even if you have the desire to become a committed reader, it's sometimes difficult to follow through on that commitment.  Maybe a friend has allowed you to borrow the latest book they've been raving about, and you ferociously devour the … Continue reading Tips for the Wannabe Reader

Why You Should Read Theology Books

For most, the idea of reading a nonfiction book is, at best, pointless.  Books are those things used in school, the instruments of torture used by our teachers to sap the fun and enjoyment out of life.  To bring nonfiction books into the realm of "me time" is blasphemous to many adults and students, alike. … Continue reading Why You Should Read Theology Books