The Good Stuff (7/5/19)

16 Leadership Lessons I Learned the Hard Way- This article was actually published at the end of last week, but I thought Charles Smith, who is the Vice President of Institutional Relations at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, had a lot of helpful insights on leadership. An $8.2 Million Judgment, Over $8.2 Million in Royalties Given … Continue reading The Good Stuff (7/5/19)

So You Want to be the next Charles Spurgeon?

Aspiration and imitation are a natural part of life. Little boys and girls aspire to run or shoot like their favorite athletes. Writers aspire to craft sentences like their favorite authors. Young preachers aspire to exposit Scripture like the pastors streaming on their smartphone. It’s only natural that people emulate those who perform some skill … Continue reading So You Want to be the next Charles Spurgeon?

A Double Shot of Hope

So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love. (1 Corinthians 13:13) If you glanced through the Christian bestseller list for the past couple of years, I'd wager that you would find a mountain of books that discuss the love and faith mentioned in this verse. Less common … Continue reading A Double Shot of Hope

Book Review: Evangelism as Exiles

(This article was originally published at the blog of Reaching and Teaching International Ministries. You should check it out for helpful resources on evangelism and missions.) As Christianity in the West begins to lose some of its cultural influence, many Christians are wringing their hands in fear or anxiety. These are new waters for those … Continue reading Book Review: Evangelism as Exiles

Why I’m Thankful for a Plurality of Pastors

All I ever knew about church leadership was the typical Southern Baptist model of having one senior pastor. Any other form of leadership seemed odd or not Baptist. That was until I learned in Bible college about this thing called "a plurality of elders." Since that time, plurality in church leadership has shifted from an … Continue reading Why I’m Thankful for a Plurality of Pastors