How’s Your Memory?

Memory is a powerful force. A memory from forty years ago may fill you with warm feelings every time you hear “White Christmas,” or that same song may bring memories of shouting and shattered glass. Our memories shape our perception of the world, and they affect our outlook on the future. Memory is an overlooked … Continue reading How’s Your Memory?

Tuning Your Soul to the New Creation Melody

A person's ear can be trained to hear any number of sounds. For some, it's the cry of their own child. For bird lovers, it may be the unique calls and chirps of birds living around them. For others still, the ear may be trained to hear the rhythm, pitch, and harmony of music. I … Continue reading Tuning Your Soul to the New Creation Melody

When Christian Controversy Loses the Gospel

When you're united with someone in vision and practice, it's easy to show respect and love. There is peace. Compliments and grace flow freely. But there is nothing uniquely Christian about showing admiration amidst agreement. Just watch a press conference after both parties in the House or Senate have worked together to pass some piece … Continue reading When Christian Controversy Loses the Gospel

Why You Should Care about the SBC?

In just under two months, thousands of Southern Baptists will gather in Birmingham for the annual meeting. Over the course of two days, we will conduct business as a denomination. For many, the prospect of attending a denominational business meeting sounds akin to experiencing a colonoscopy. During the Conservative Resurgence, tens of thousands attended the … Continue reading Why You Should Care about the SBC?

A Glorious Paradox

At the crucifixion, we encounter the greatest paradox in the history of the universe: the God-man died. The personhood of Christ is a glorious mystery. Our finite minds cannot fully comprehend how Jesus is one person who possesses two natures. He is the eternal Son of God, who took on our full humanity, apart from … Continue reading A Glorious Paradox

Going the Way of Rehoboam

Rehoboam stood before the people at Shechem. They had come to make him king. The people who once looked to his father, Solomon, now looked to Rehoboam. Though he suffered decline at the end of his reign, Solomon led the kingdom to heights it had never seen, and Rehoboam now felt the weight of that … Continue reading Going the Way of Rehoboam