How’s Your Memory?

Memory is a powerful force. A memory from forty years ago may fill you with warm feelings every time you hear “White Christmas,” or that same song may bring memories of shouting and shattered glass. Our memories shape our perception of the world, and they affect our outlook on the future. Memory is an overlooked … Continue reading How’s Your Memory?

Tuning Your Soul to the New Creation Melody

A person's ear can be trained to hear any number of sounds. For some, it's the cry of their own child. For bird lovers, it may be the unique calls and chirps of birds living around them. For others still, the ear may be trained to hear the rhythm, pitch, and harmony of music. I … Continue reading Tuning Your Soul to the New Creation Melody

When Christian Controversy Loses the Gospel

When you're united with someone in vision and practice, it's easy to show respect and love. There is peace. Compliments and grace flow freely. But there is nothing uniquely Christian about showing admiration amidst agreement. Just watch a press conference after both parties in the House or Senate have worked together to pass some piece … Continue reading When Christian Controversy Loses the Gospel

A Letter to My People (Millennial Christians)

Dear Christian Millennial, I am writing to you about a recent study published about us that reports almost half of practicing Christians in our age range say that it is wrong to evangelize. We have a growing notion that it is inappropriate to tell someone that their deeply held belief or worldview is incorrect. I … Continue reading A Letter to My People (Millennial Christians)

The Path of Christian Love: Part 2

The initial post in this series discussed the goal of our love for one another: holiness. It is one thing to say that our love should be directed toward another person's Christlikeness, and it's quite another to know exactly how we can love in that manner. Rather than dreaming up some complicated program to love … Continue reading The Path of Christian Love: Part 2

God Loves Me, Right?

This post was originally published at Gospel-Centered Discipleship. I highly recommend you check them out if you're looking for other content that is rich in gospel truths. The worship band starts up and you sing lyrics you’ve heard a hundred times before: “How deep the Father’s love for us, how vast beyond all measure, that he should give his only Son, To make a wretch his treasure.” But the words catch in your throat. You don’t feel like a … Continue reading God Loves Me, Right?