The Book I’ve Recommended Most This Year

Reading is one of my biggest hobbies.  Ever since I was a little boy, I enjoyed reading.  That love has never changed, but my choice of books has.  On my bookshelves, you’re no longer likely to see R.L. Stein’s Goosebumps, but rather, a book from someone like John Piper or John Owen.  My literary tastes have shifted to the nonfiction, and more specifically, to theology books (though I do think it’s important for people, especially preachers, to read good fiction).

Some of the books on my shelves, I know I’ll never pick up again to read.  They just aren’t good books.  Others, though, I will pick up and flip through periodically to refresh my memory of a good point that the author made.  Still yet, there is another group that I use often because these books are a treasure chest of insight, either into a particular theological topic or just as medicine for my soul.

Kevin DeYoung’s Just Do Something is in this third category.  It’s such a well-written book that answers a question that I hear quite often: How do I determine God’s will for my life?  Whether this is referring to a prospective spouse or choosing a college major, people agonize over this very question.  After all, we don’t want to mess up what God has in store for us.

Kevin, who is the pastor of University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan, frees the reader from the chains of “paralysis by analysis.”  Have you ever struggled with this in decision-making? You’ve been waiting for that sign from God, whether it be an inner peace, a dream, or a story on the evening news about the city to which you’re considering moving, to confirm that this is God’s will for your life.

DeYoung offers an alternative: The Bible is God’s revealed will about how we are to live.  How about we focus on doing what Scripture says and use biblical wisdom to make those other decisions that Scripture does not explicitly answer, such as your college major.  While God can speak to us in miraculous ways, He typically does not.  So rather than sitting around waiting for a sign from God, let the relevant passages of Scripture speak about your particular decision, pray for wisdom and right motives, and then make a decision.  I know this is not a ground-breaking answer, but he writes in such a clear manner that every Christian will find loads of insight hidden within this short book.

I know I have not unpacked DeYoung’s argument very much, and there’s reasoning behind it: I want you to read the book.  If you’ve ever struggled with some of those questions about determining God’s will for your life, I can guarantee that you’ll benefit greatly from it.

It’s God’s will that you should read this book.  How do I know?  Do you think of all the blogs on the internet, it’s mere coincidence that you ended up here at this exact moment to read this exact post?  It’s a sign from God, right?

One thought on “The Book I’ve Recommended Most This Year

  1. Great book. Cody’s recommendation of this book helped us when we were debating moving to NC or not. Good post, Cody.

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