The Good Stuff (9-2-11)

Race Relations, Affirmative Action, and the Church: More Reflections on The Help– Ed Stetzer speaks about the need for churches to be more active in racial reconciliation since these seem to be some of the most segregated places on the planet.

Is Your Dining Room Table on Mission?– Meals are a great way to build community within the body of Christ and to reach the lost.  Jesus did it.  Why don’t we?

The Sweep of the Bible in Two Weeks– Want to grasp the overall storyline of the Bible in two weeks.  Here’s a reading plan that will do just that.

Accountability on the Student Side– When it comes to school, students expect high grades with low effort.  Something has to change.

The Gospel at Ground Zero– This is Dr. Russell Moore’s cover story from the September issue of Christianity Today.  I highly commend it.

Any other articles or blog posts throughout the week that you found really interesting?

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