The Good Stuff (5-10-13)

On Mother's Day, Remember the Infertile- Dr. Moore gives a great call for sensitivity and wisdom as we celebrate Mother's Day this weekend. Blank Bible Index- This is actually an old post, but I had never seen it until this week.  Jonathan Edwards was known for cutting the binding off of his Bible and rebinding … Continue reading The Good Stuff (5-10-13)

Letter to My 18-Year-Old Self

Graduation time is quickly approaching. As a youth pastor, this is a special time for me when I get to celebrate with my students who are heading off to college. This is such an important time for them because these young men and women are moving off to college, and they will decide who they … Continue reading Letter to My 18-Year-Old Self

Music You Should Know About

Yesterday I spoke about the importance of high-quality Christian art.  I want to follow up today with a few bands/musicians that I would commend to you.  For some of you, these names will not be new in the least.  But I'm writing primarily to my context in southern Mississippi where these individuals are not as … Continue reading Music You Should Know About

Notable Best Books Lists

This time of year has a lot to offer for people of all sorts.  For kids, it's time to enjoy all of those cool Christmas gifts they received.  For food lovers, this is a time of parties galore, which means massive amounts of tasty treats.  For book nerds, the end of the year brings a … Continue reading Notable Best Books Lists

Beards Beat Battlestar Galatica

Sorry to any of you Battlestar Galatica fans who thought this post was actually about the show.  It just stems from my steady diet of The Office over the past few couple of months. However, this post is certainly about beards and their greatness.  I recently stumbled across Bearded Gospel Men, a website that celebrates … Continue reading Beards Beat Battlestar Galatica

10 Ways to Discern If You’re a Theology Nerd

10.  You write a blog post describing characteristics of a theology nerd. 9.  You pray that your wife is on board with naming your children "Geerhardus" or "Augustine," but "Baxter" would be acceptable. 8.  You condescendingly chuckle when you hear someone refer to Karl "Barth" instead of "Bart." 7.  You know more about Arminians than … Continue reading 10 Ways to Discern If You’re a Theology Nerd

The Good Stuff (1-27-12)

Don't Take It From Me: Reasons You Should Not Marry an Unbeliever- Kathy Keller discusses the trouble that awaits the Christian man or woman who decides to marry an unbeliever.  She, like her husband, is full of great biblical wisdom. Why You Should Postpone College- A lot of high school graduates could greatly benefit from … Continue reading The Good Stuff (1-27-12)