A New Opportunity

Lord, use us to take the gospel to the nations or use us to send many in our place.

This is the prayer that Margaret and I started praying before we were married. We have both been scarred by the realization that there are billions in the world who have never even heard of Jesus. Those are billions of people who have no hope of salvation. Those are billions of people who are giving glory and honor to someone besides Jesus Christ.

As we have prayed for the Lord to use us for his glory, we weren’t sure what exactly that looked like for us. As many of you know, we moved down to New Orleans almost a year and a half ago to help plant a church in the inner city. We know we are supposed to be here in New Orleans, but we didn’t see exactly how this move dovetailed with our passions for missions. Just recently, though, the Lord has opened up an incredible opportunity for me to combine my passion for international missions and theological education.

reaching and teachingI’ve recently accepted a position with Reaching and Teaching International Ministries, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing training internationally for Christian leaders who do not have access to formal studies, such as seminary or Bible college.

We are beyond excited about this opportunity. Never did I imagine being able to serve as a pastor while also serving as a catalyst to train pastors internationally. But the Lord has a funny way of working in ways that are far greater than our small dreams.

For now, this is all I’ll share about Reaching & Teaching International Ministries, if you’re still curious, you can check out the website here. Also, I will be contacting many of you to ask for an opportunity to share about our ministry and our need for men and women who are willing to partner with us financially.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our ministry and our financial goals, please feel free to text or email me or leave a comment below so that we can set up a time to share with you. Otherwise, I’ll be in contact in the near future.



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