A Family Prayer

I recently had the opportunity to write a corporate prayer that the congregation at Heucks Retreat read together.  It came at the end of a series on marriage and the family, which is why the prayer focuses on that topic.  I decided to share it on here with the hopes that, with a little tweaking, it will serve as a starting point for families’ prayer time.

Father, we praise You for adopting us as sons and daughters in Christ.

We praise You for the gift of marriage, which is between one man and one woman.

We praise You for the gift of children, who are a blessing from heaven.

May our families reflect the beauty of Your character and nature.


We have all fallen short and sinned,

So we praise You for the forgiveness found in the life, death, and resurrection of Your Son, Jesus Christ.

May our marriages reflect His sacrificial, cleansing, and sanctifying love.

May You keep our love for one another pure and undefiled,

As Jesus’ love for His church is pure and undefiled.


Left to our own efforts, we will fail in these things,

So we praise You for the empowering work of Your Holy Spirit.

May He give us eyes to see the glories of the family,

Give us a unifying love as the family of God,

And give us power to kill the sin that seeks to fill our hearts.


Make us a church filled with husbands who sacrificially love their wives, wives who selflessly submit to their husbands, parents who nurture their children in Christ, and children who obey their parents in the Lord.

Father, please do all of this for Your glory and our good.

It’s in the name of Your only begotten Son we pray.


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