As 2019 exits the stage, I wanted to share a handful of this year’s most-read articles.

But before that, I want to thank you. There is a mountain of content published across the internet each day, so I really appreciate that you take the time to read what I write. I pray that you’ve been encouraged and helped by what you’ve read here.

I haven’t been able to blog as much as I’d like the last few months since I started my Ph.D., but as I settle into the academic grind, I hope to incorporate my reading and research into future articles, so be on the lookout. Until then, here are the five most-read articles of 2019:

5. Spurgeon’s Humility– Charles Spurgeon is often known for his incredible gift in preaching or his relentless pace in ministry, but after reading Arnold Dallimore’s biography about him, I was struck by Spurgeon’s humility. This article examines his humility and what it produced in his life.

4. So You Want to be the Next Charles Spurgeon– Pastors and wannabe pastors often dream of having a ministry like their spiritual heroes. In this article, I give a few suggestions for those who aspire to a book-worthy ministry.

3. When Christian Controversy Loses the Gospel– Sadly, our culture is marked by polarization and constant controversy. Evangelicalism is not immune to this same trend. One particular source of contention among Christian circles is the issue of racial reconciliation. Folks on both sides of the issue have often adopted the heated, uncharitable rhetoric of our culture instead of the gracious, God-honoring manner of our Savior.

2. On Well-Fed Birds and Pretty Flowers- If you’re like me and you occasionally feel anxiety weighing you down, the last thing we need to do is wallow in that worry. Instead, Jesus tells us to look around at the Lord’s provision in creation. This article is a reflection on Jesus’s words from Matthew 6, and it’s one I need to return to regularly.

1. Should You Baptize Apart from the Church?- Baptism, like many aspects of the Christian life, has become individualistic in modern Christianity. This article reflects on the local church’s role in baptism. You may not agree with everything in this post, but I hope it gets you thinking more deeply about the Bible’s teaching on this important ordinance.