Reasonableness in an Age of OutrageIt’s no secret that our society, particularly our social media, is marked by outrage. Trevin Wax points us to a better way. He writes, “If the world has veered away from reason and kindness in our disputes, then one of the ways a Christian will stand out in this generation is by embracing reasonableness.”

Netflix is Making It Harder to Be a MissionaryA lot has been written about the ways that technology is transforming our lives, both negatively and positively. This article sheds light on another aspect: how our digital connectedness can make the cultural transition even more difficult for those moving overseas for the sake of the gospel.

I Won’t Buy My Teenagers Smartphones Here’s an interesting take from a mom who refuses to buy her kids smartphones, even though the oldest is now in high school. She writes, “I believe that a smartphone too accessible, given too early, and in the wrong hands is at best an addictive distraction and at worst a handheld siphon draining away children’s youth one beep, one swipe, one notification at a time.”

What You Share When You Show Christian HospitalityHospitality can feel like a burden, but it is a basic aspect of our Christian life. David Qaoud reflects on what Christians share when we are hospitable.

Catholicism Made Me ProtestantIf you’re a student of theology and/or church history, you’ll likely find this article fascinating. It’s more common nowadays to hear of people converting to Catholicism after being introduced to church tradition. This is a story of how studying church tradition led Onsi Kamel from Catholicism to Protestantism.