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I’m So Glad Our Vows Kept UsThis is a longer read, but it is worth the five or so minutes. It’s a beautiful reflection on the grace of marriage. Read it.

Expat…With a Drill—How Living Cross-Culturally Messes with Your ValuesFor those who know someone living overseas, here’s a humorous and insightful look into how differently we can perceive what life is like living in a different culture.

Don’t Squander the Little YearsIf you have small kids and find yourself sometimes wishing they would grow past this stage a little quicker, this article is excellent. I have three small kids, so I definitely resonated with the struggle it focused on.

Busyness and RestKevin DeYoung helpfully addresses the need for rest. If you find it difficult to make time for rest, I would highly recommend it.

My Articles:

David Brainerd: A Weak Vessel Used in a Mighty WayBrainerd died when he was only 29-years-old, but his story has impacted generations of Christians. I reflect on his life and what we can learn about God through his story.

What is the Aim of Christian Writing?As a Christan, my writing should have a different motivation than non-Christians. In this article, I wrestle with the goal of Christian writing.