Is Self-Care Wrong for Christian Moms?Most mothers are basically superheroes who labor night and day to care for their family. The only problem is that they’re actually not superheroes. They are finite beings who need rest. I highly recommend this one for the moms who are daily laying down their life for their family.

US Women’s Soccer and Our Culture of “Tolerance”Michael Kruger reflects on the story of Jaelene Hinkle, a soccer player who was reportedly cut from the US national team because she refused to wear a jersey celebrating gay pride. He writes, “In a culture that so claims to value ‘tolerance,’ Christians who refuse to publicly affirm the cultural gods are given none.”

The State of Religious Liberty in ChinaIt’s no secret that the Chinese government has been cracking down on Christians and other religious minorities living in the country. Here is a helpful interview that can guide your prayers for the persecuted church there.

You Should Read FaceApp’s Terms of Service Agreement Before Using ItI admit to using the popular app before seeing this story, but I probably would’ve used it anyway. But now some Russian software company owns all of our photos, and it seems that they can do basically whatever they want with the pictures.

How Do I Discern if My Ambition is Ambition is Godly?This is a question of perennial struggle, especially as I consider my writing ambitions. I thought the author provided a balanced and wise approach to the topic.

A Long Read: Going Home with Wendell BerryWendell Berry is a farmer and writer in Kentucky, whose writings on the importance of local-mindedness and agrarianism have had a large impact on many Christians. In this interview, he discusses everything from his decision to leave NYC for rural Kentucky to the current state farming. If this piques your interest, check out his collection of essays The Unsettling of America or one of his novels. The novel Hannah Coulter is a good place to start his fiction.

If you’re looking for a fun video to kill 8 minutes on your Friday, this is a good one.

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Should You Baptize Apart from the Church?This is by far the most-viewed post since I’ve started the blog. In the article, I argue for the importance of congregational involvement in the ordinance of baptism.

Nero and Flame of PersecutionToday marks the date when flames ravaged Rome, and a wave of persecution began to ravage the Roman church. As we remember the persecution under Nero, there are important lessons to learn.