Praying for the Persecuted Church

While the internet and our age of connectivity have produced plenty of problems for our culture, there are also a number of positive outcomes. One such bright spot is the wealth of information that we can gain about Christ’s global church. I can easily go onto any number of websites to find the latest update on how Christ’s Kingdom is spreading across the nations.

Going hand-in-hand with the expansion of the Kingdom is the rise of persecution. This is no surprise to Christians, as Jesus has warned us that the Enemy wants to thwart God’s redemptive mission. I grew up in the Bible Belt, so persecution was not and is not a normal part of my life. That’s not the case for many of my brothers and sisters around the world. While I do not face persecution personally, I can come alongside the hurting brothers and sisters by regularly lifting them up in prayer.

A great resource for keeping the persecuted church in our prayers was released earlier today. It is the 2019 World Watch List, which is a list of fifty countries where the persecution of Christians is most intense. Here is a video giving an overview of the list:

You can see the entire list by following this link. If you click on a country that’s on the list, the site will give you more information about the persecution that believers there face, as well as some personal stories.

I encourage you to take a country a day and pray for sustaining grace for the Christians and that the gospel would root out the darkness in these countries.

I pray this is a benefit to you, as well as to Christ’s conquering Kingdom.

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