Kingdom Through Covenant Panel Discussion

How does the New Testament relate to the Old Testament?  What is the central framework of the Bible?  How is the history of redemption structured?  By Covenants?  Dispensations?

These questions have been discussed throughout the history of the Church, but much ink has been spilled on them in the past several years in particular.    One such book is Kingdom Through Covenant, a massive work written by Drs. Peter Gentry and Stephen Wellum, professors at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.  This book is significant because it is the most comprehensive work from Baptists on the topic.  The authors’ goal was to guide readers along middle path between covenant theology and dispensationalism.  Regardless if you agree or disagree with their conclusions, this is certainly an important piece in the ongoing discussion.

One day I may feel spry enough to write a full series on this topic, but today I wanted to turn your attention to a panel discussion that recently took place at Southern Seminary.  The authors, along with Drs. Jim Hamilton and Denny Burk, discuss the book and issues related to biblical theology.  If you’ve got an hour and a half, check out the video below or download the audio here.

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