10 Ways to Discern If You’re a Theology Nerd

10.  You write a blog post describing characteristics of a theology nerd.

9.  You pray that your wife is on board with naming your children “Geerhardus” or “Augustine,” but “Baxter” would be acceptable.

8.  You condescendingly chuckle when you hear someone refer to Karl “Barth” instead of “Bart.”

7.  You know more about Arminians than Armenians.

6.  You use phrases like ordo salutis and ad fontes on a regular basis.

5.  You resist the urge to inflict bodily harm on the person who says that theology isn’t important.

4.  You celebrate Reformation Day instead of Halloween.

3.  Your favorite flower is the tulip.

2. Your greatest fear is a world filled with only the books of Joel Osteen.

1.  You understood every reference in this blog post.

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