The Good Stuff (1-27-12)

Don’t Take It From Me: Reasons You Should Not Marry an Unbeliever– Kathy Keller discusses the trouble that awaits the Christian man or woman who decides to marry an unbeliever.  She, like her husband, is full of great biblical wisdom.

Why You Should Postpone College– A lot of high school graduates could greatly benefit from this “grownup training,” which proposes that teenagers get basic work experience before being allowed to enroll at college.

Don’t Waste Your Infertility– Infertility is a trial that is felt by millions of couples, but it is also an opportunity to  grow in the Lord and glorify Him throughout it.  For those who may be dealing with infertility, check out this article that explains what it means to not waste your infertility.

Is Cage Fighting Ethical for Christians?– Here’s an article from Christianity Today where three Christians give their perspective on the issue.  You can also check out my past post on the topic.

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