The Good Stuff (12-2-11)

RTS Mobile App– Reformed Theological Seminary has launched a free app where you can download a lot of course lectures from the campuses.  It’s available iPhone/iPad and Android.

Do Looks Matter?– Jeremy Pierre gives an insightful look into the question of whether or not physical appearance should matter when pursuing a spouse.

Who Are Some Expositional Preachers Worth a Careful Listen?– Tim Raymond lists a few men you should listen to if you want to hear Word-driven, God-glorifying preaching. (Note: He never intended this to be an exhaustive list.)

Did Youth Ministry Create the Emerging Church?– Skye Jethani discusses Tony Jones’s recent claim that modern youth ministry has played a major role in creating the Emerging Church.  This is an interesting read, and a claim I’ve never really considered.

Life Under Capitalism– Tim Challies takes on the Occupy Wall Street movement, and their claim that capitalism is the problem.  This is worth your time.

Jesus Has AIDS– The title is provocative. The writing is great.  Read it.

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