New 9Marks eJournal on Church Revitalization

Normally I wait until Friday to share good blogs or articles with you, but I decided this one deserved a post of its own.  9Marks, which is rooted in the pastoral work of Mark Dever and Matt Schmucker at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington DC, periodically publishes an eJournal.  Almost always, the articles are extremely helpful for the pastor and layperson.  This edition, which is titled, “Revitalize: Why We Must Reclaim Dying Churches–And How,”  is no exception.

If you have a desire (or a desire for a desire) to see God move in your local church, you should check out the articles.  Biblical wisdom abounds from these pastors who have fought in the trenches for the revitalization of their own churches.

Churches, particularly in my own denomination, are in need of pastors and laypeople who will patiently invest their lives into a dying church with the goal that God will do a great work in their midst.  So, read this eJournal, and be changed.

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