When Christian Controversy Loses the Gospel

When you're united with someone in vision and practice, it's easy to show respect and love. There is peace. Compliments and grace flow freely. But there is nothing uniquely Christian about showing admiration amidst agreement. Just watch a press conference after both parties in the House or Senate have worked together to pass some piece … Continue reading When Christian Controversy Loses the Gospel

Will the Convention Affect the Church?

This week marked an historic week for Southern Baptists.  Fred Luter, pastor of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans, was elected as President of the SBC.  Anyone familiar with our denomination's beginnings will understand why this was such a momentous occasion, seeing that our genesis was a result of slave owners who wanted to … Continue reading Will the Convention Affect the Church?

SBC Name Change?

Last night, the Southern Baptist world was set aflame by the news that the SBC Executive Committee has formed a task force to discuss the possibility of changing the Convention's name.  What exactly is this task force discussing?    According to Denny Burke, they are responsible for answering four vital questions: 1) Is it a … Continue reading SBC Name Change?