Book Recommendation: The Valley of Vision

A vibrant prayer life is essential to the spiritual health. It is the way we commune with our loving Father and a means by which He pours His grace into our lives. While virtually all Christians would confess the importance of prayer, many of the same ones struggle to maintain a consistent prayer life. "Pray … Continue reading Book Recommendation: The Valley of Vision

A Gospel Prayer

To read the prayers of others can be an encouraging and convicting experience.  That's what I felt when I read "The Gospel Way" from The Valley of Vision.  Read this, revel in the glorious truth of the gospel, and ask God to help you pray in such a heartfelt and theologically precise manner. Blessed Lord … Continue reading A Gospel Prayer

The Doctrine of Repentance (Part 1)

Have you ever started a book and immediately been caught up in it?  Within the first few pages, you know that this book will profoundly impact you, and you must reach the next page because the next golden nugget is waiting to be discovered.  As someone who greatly enjoys reading, I get excited, really excited, … Continue reading The Doctrine of Repentance (Part 1)