Learning From Gideon

The book of Judges is one of the most sobering books of the Bible because you see how quickly man can lose sight of God's gracious acts.  I've been reading through the book in my daily Bible reading, and I just finished studying Gideon's life.  His is quite an interesting story, and I wanted to … Continue reading Learning From Gideon

Sleeping in the Arms of an Idol

Marriage is a beautiful gift from God for our enjoyment and His glory.  In the union of marriage, men and women catch a glimpse of the joys that come through union with Christ, the true Bridegroom.  As is the case with almost all good things in life, Satan uses marriage for his own evil purposes. … Continue reading Sleeping in the Arms of an Idol

Idols of Pigskin

Do you worship idols?  Are there other gods that are nearer and dearer to your heart than the God of the Bible?  Probably so. These idols and false gods probably aren't sitting on your mantle though.  There are many good things in our lives which serve as idols.  In the coming month or so, I'd … Continue reading Idols of Pigskin