How’s Your Memory?

Memory is a powerful force. A memory from forty years ago may fill you with warm feelings every time you hear “White Christmas,” or that same song may bring memories of shouting and shattered glass. Our memories shape our perception of the world, and they affect our outlook on the future. Memory is an overlooked … Continue reading How’s Your Memory?

A Glorious Paradox

At the crucifixion, we encounter the greatest paradox in the history of the universe: the God-man died. The personhood of Christ is a glorious mystery. Our finite minds cannot fully comprehend how Jesus is one person who possesses two natures. He is the eternal Son of God, who took on our full humanity, apart from … Continue reading A Glorious Paradox

Spiritual Giants and Our Limitations

I enjoy reading biographies and stories from church history. It's hard not to become more passionate for missions when you encounter the life of Lottie Moon, or to have a fire in your bones to preach after reading about the zeal of Charles Spurgeon. Studying church history is a valuable practice for all Christians, but … Continue reading Spiritual Giants and Our Limitations