Reading Plans for 2015

Bible reading plans can be a helpful tool if you’re looking for structure in your personal Bible study. Some years I use one to guide my reading and other times I just read through the books of my own choice. Right now, for instance, I’m reading repeatedly through Ephesians to get a better grasp of the book. Once I feel like I have a firm understanding of the overall content of the epistle, I’ll move on to another book of the Bible.

If you’re looking for a Bible reading plan to use in 2015, I want to point you to a great resource. Tim Challies has done a good job compiling the most popular reading plans at his blog, which you can check out here.

If you’re looking to utilize your Greek, Denny Burk created a plan to read through the Greek New Testament in a year. I’m planning on using this plan since I won’t be taking a Greek class this coming semester. You can find the reading plan here.

I pray that, regardless if you use a structured reading plan or not, the Lord will use HIs Word to transform your life in the coming year.

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