The Good Stuff (1-20-12)

Why Ron Paul?– Pastor Voddie Baucham explains why he voted for Ron Paul in the last election and why he will do so again in the upcoming election.  As someone who is still undecided, this is helpful for me because of my respect for Baucham.

Grace-Motivated…Dieting?– Mike Cosper shows how the gospel even impacts the way and the reasons why Christians diet.

The Grace of God in Every Book of the Bible– There are many themes that unite the storyline of the Bible, one of which is the grace of God.  Check out this post that shows how the motif of God’s grace is seen in every book.

On Doing Ordinary Things– If you’ve ever taught or preached the Bible, I’m sure you’ve dealt with how ordinary most opportunities end up being.  You study and believe the sermon you’re about to preach is going to be spectacular, but it ends up being average.  This article talks about how to deal with those situations as a preacher/teacher.

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