The Good Stuff (1-13-12)

Matt Chandler on David, Goliath, and the Gospel– Check out this 3-minute clip of pastor Matt Chandler explaining the difference of a moralistic interpretation of David and Goliath and a true gospel-centered approach.

A Free Theological Magazine Everyone Should Know About– If you’re the theology nerd who fills your downtime with articles and blog, you’ll probably enjoy Credo Magazine.

Don’t Preach Stuart Smalley to Yourself– A great article about dealing with insecurity issues, which we all have.

You Never Marry the Right Person– Tim Keller confronts the popular, though false, notion of the perfect soul-mate.  A much-needed word amidst our world of chick flicks and romance novels.

Learning From Christopher Hitchens: Lessons Evangelicals Must Not Miss– Al Mohler gives Christians some life-lessons we can learn from atheist Christopher Hitchens.

History Channel Stats– A humorous breakdown of the History Channel’s programming.

Classic Articles/Sermons Worth Reading- Justin Taylor has been asking various pastors and theologians which essays or sermons have profoundly impacted them over the years.  I always enjoy seeing lists like these.  So far, you can check out: Bryan Chapell, Carl Trueman, and Stephen Nichols.

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