The Good Stuff (1-6-12)

When Your Preacher is Not John Piper– We live in the world of technology, where sermons from the best preachers of our time are at our fingertips.  But the problem is that most of our pastors are not that uber-gifted preacher.  What should we do if we don’t have that world-class preacher preaching to us every Sunday morning?

Book Review: Real Marriage– Mark Driscoll’s newest book has been causing quite a stir because of its no-holds-barred approach to discussing marriage, particularly sex within marriage.  If you’ve been thinking about picking it up, check out Tim Challies’s review of the book first.

Shaping the Culture of Your Home– Trevin Wax gives some good suggestions about changing the culture of your home into one that cultivates maturity, spiritual and otherwise.

The Next Bill Graham Might Be Drunk Right Now– If you’ve been worried about the future of the church (or lack thereof), check out Dr. Moore’s article.  As almost always, he has great insight and writing ability.  He closes the article, “Be kind to that atheist in front of you on the highway, the one who just shot you an obscene gesture. He might be the one who evangelizes your grandchildren.”

What Do We Do With Our Slavery-Affirming Theological Heroes?– As a Southern Baptist, there are many theological giants within the halls of my denomination’s history who owned slaves.  Desiring God gives a helpful word about our proper response.

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