9Marks eJournal: Don’t Be Too Cool for Sunday School

Over the past several years, Sunday school numbers, in general, have been dismal, so many churches have abandoned it altogether.  That’s exactly why the latest 9Marks eJournal is so important.  This edition, Don’t Be Too Cool for Sunday School, gives a whole host of articles answering the “Why?” and “How?” of Sunday school.  If you’re ministering at a church and have been seeking to improve your Sunday school or considering scrapping the whole program, check these articles out.  If not, pass this link along to your pastor.

There’s no denying that Sunday school has been struggling, and something needs to be done.  Discussion needs to take place about how we can improve the discipleship process in our local churches, and this eJournal would be a good conversation-starter.

2 thoughts on “9Marks eJournal: Don’t Be Too Cool for Sunday School

  1. I’d like to see a bit more subtlety from Leeman on this. I wonder if he would consider a community group model as fulfilling his call?

    1. Subtlety in what regard? His call to focus more on teaching than fellowship?

      And I’m sure it would all depend on the particulars of the community group since every church seems to have a slightly different flavor.

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