The Good Stuff (12-30-11)

Some Suggested Resources– Randy Newman gives some good resources on evangelism and topics related to it.

Tim Keller Started Redeemer Church Because of Watergate– This is a really fascinating look at how God works in large and small ways to accomplish His will for our lives.

Completely and Unreservedly– December 28th marked the fortieth anniversary of Derek Thomas’s conversion.  In this article, he reflects on his conversion and some of the lessons he has learned through years of following Christ.

Why and How to Read Calvin’s Institutes– Calvin’s Institutes can be an intimidating work due to its size, but Justin Taylor tells us why and how we can read this masterpiece over the next year.  On a related note, I will attempt to do this next year since I’ve only read portions in the past.

How Do You Begin Your Day?– Rick Holland shares some wisdom on the need for Christians to begin each day seeking the Lord.

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