The Good Stuff (12-23-11)

Whither YRR?– Kevin DeYoung reflects on the Young, Restless, and Reformed movement, and he insightfully points out some potential challenges that await this trans-denominational movement.  It’s a good read.

Seven Ways to Build a Culture of Spiritual Conversation– As a minister, I’m always asking how our church can continue to foster a climate of spiritual conversations between the members.  9Marks, always looking to aid the local church, gives some suggestions to accomplish this.

Memorize the Westminster Shorter Catechism in 90 days– There’s an app for that.

Ten Ways to Bring the Gospel Home This Christmas– Are you looking to the holidays as a good way to share Christ with your family?  Well, Jonathan Parnell provides some helpful suggestions to come in mind as you seek to spread the Good News.

Christmas– This is a beautiful piece about the true hope that Christmas brings.  It’s well worth your time.

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